Overall Municipal Vision

Once the seat of high religious customs and testimony to diverse cultural activities, our century old municipality intends to transform itself into an environment friendly, clean and attractive urban area not deterred by the past unplanned growth. Need based and problem driven issues relating to infrastructure improvement plan, pollution free mandate, organized and homogeneous growth perspective along with heritage conservation, refurbished slum infrastructure and increased development focus on poor households will aim to ensure all our citizens lead healthy lives.

All excluded and marginalized groups who do not benefit from any poverty alleviation schemes will get an opportunity to address their livelihood issues. Literacy mission and health for the poor and masses operation are the two main forte to achieve the above goal. Booming trade and commerce and industries on both sides of its many main arteries, that characterize this municipality and underline its locational advantage, have a formal and regulated growth.

Simple and efficient organizational structure and long term innovative financial planning will serve the local citizen better and have adequate solvency for the municipality which has a long historical and renaissance background and ways to go into the promising future.